Gerhard's Bio/statement.

Visual and audio can become one and the same. When I listen to a track, a soundscape, an explosion of audio I am transported to a visual world, each piece of music at your arsenal can create a clip in your mind. An exploration of imagery through imagination and manipulation, this I find fascinating, I create images, with visual means. With Foxgerhard we want to explore and experiment with this medium, we intend to create images with music, feed the listener worlds, creatures, a stormy night in rain drenched fishing village surrounded by shadows of death, a godlike presence reaches into your stomach and pulls at what soul you have left. Mechanical insects flow through your veins', your eyes burn and pours in your skin release black oil.

You will notice that some of the tracks on the various albums we have created bear the same name as my visual artworks butterflysoldiers.com; here we combine the illustrative nature of art and our audio interpretation. This I intend to do more of, but may not name them the same, we'd prefer the listeners to take there own journey and allow there own mind to create a flow of imagery.

My name is Paul Gerrard; I currently live in the UK. 32 years of age. Artist, musician and writer.

We hope to take Foxgerhard on the road, mix the visual with the audio and explore this experimentation even further. With a mix of subliminal experimentation and psychophysics it will be a tour to remember. If you have an open mind and dark tastes then please join us, send us your comments and mail, spread the word, drop by the MySpace site, get us noticed and we will give you something the Marylyn Manson's and Rob Zombieís of this world canít give you, original thought.