Fox's Bio.

I was born on a cold stormy morning in January in a hospital with no heating at 2am.

I grew up on a farm just outside a town called Egremont in "sunny" Cumbria.

My education was; State schooling then YTS, a job or two then College and finally University studying Art.

I'm in full time employment.

I'm single, a Capricorn and 39 years old.

Thats the dull stuff out of the way, this project started out simply because we wanted too. Pretty simple really, after several of those conversations that go along the lines of 'I/we could do that' Paul and me decided to get our hands dirty and actually give it a try. None of the proof of concept work (i.e. embrassing early stuff) is available anymore. The name Foxgerhard comes from our first trip to Germany a couple of years ago when the hotel receptionist pronouced Gerrard as Gerhard so that stuck and the rest is history. Musically Paul and myself work in different ways, I to compose patterns and fit them together not really using samples that much just for speech and the odd backround noises or percussion. The actual sounds are created using virtual instruments and effects processors no hardware at all. If the cpu usage high too high then I'd render the most processed stuff out as wave files and use the wave file instead. It's a learning process, just like everything else in life. As for were the ideas come from, all kinds of places, a line of dialog or some sound I'm tinkering with. If a pattern doesn't work in the way i want it too I'll rendering it out, delete the pattern and carry on till I've got a track that gels, I get Paul to have a listen to it. From Paul's feedback I'll either render a final version or kick it about some more. All this bits and bobs that don't get used are stored for later use. Some tracks come together quite quickly others seem to take ages to finalize.