12th January 2009

Happy Nu Year.

We hope everyone has a great 2009.

Regards, Fox

15th October 2008

I've added a another a page to the bio section, it's about the FG artwork supplied by Paul Gerrard (of Butterflysoldiers.com) and there are some additional wallpapers on the Art page.

Regards, Fox

24th September 2008

I've added a couple of new pages in the bio section, so check them out.

Regards, Fox

21st August 2008

I've added a couple of bits and bobs around the site and added a track to to the album track list.

Regards, Fox

14th August 2008

We've started putting up the track list for the album. Nothings finalized yet so the consider it a guide not set in stone.

Regards, Fox

16th April 2008

We've completed our annual overhaul of the website, you'll notice we've finally put thumbs of the cover art and collated the tracks.

Regards, Fox

2nd March 2008

We've joined Indiestore were you'll find our last track 'Identify/Respond' available to purchase.

You can listen to it for free on myspace & Last FM.

Regards, Fox

28th December 2007

Xmas is over for another year, I hope everyone enjoyed the festivities.

There's a new track up on our myspace profile called 'Indentify - Respond'.

I'm back at work while Herr Gerhard is still making merry.

Regards, Fox

28th November 2007

We've joined Last FM

A google search revealed that Bugsle had created a wiki entry for us.

So to say thank you to Bugsle I've added a couple of track there too.

Regards, Fox

11th August 2007

We've uploaded a new track to the myspace profiles.

It's Mach Fox 'Build it Down (Deconstructed Mix)'.

This is the first time we've remixed/reworked some one elses music so let us know what you think.

Regards, Fox

31st July 2007

We've uploaded a new track it's called On the blanket.

This is what Gerhard has to say about this track.

'Of all the tracks Fox and I have done together this one effects me the most, the carefully finely tuned harmonics that Fox creates weaves through distortion and pulls at something inside me. Its a meditative state of sonic vibration, one I can listen too over and over. Not to everyones taste but who cares, we do this for discovery and curiosity, If you take this to the dance floor with your physical body then we have made a mistake, I don't want music to cheer me up or help release rage , I want it to pull at my insides and make me ask why.'

'More tinkering Fox, you don't need sleep, robots don't sleep.'

Regards, Fox

11th July 2007

We've uploaded a new track it's called Emergency.

You might want to slide the volume down a notch.

Regards, Fox

4th July 2007

I forgot to mention we've set up a new myspace site as an 'Artist' so you can add our tracks to your profile.

The link is on the links page.

Regards, Fox

7th May 2007

We're still updating the website.

We've uploaded a new track HO92 and there are two wallpaper images in the gallery.

Regards, Fox

1st May 2007

We've started to update the website.

You'll no doubt recognize the new art work from our official artist Paul Gerrard.

Regards, Fox

31st January 2007

I've added a couple of links, Gav's corner of the web add x to decay and Mach Fox's website.

Mach is a mate from the world of myspace and his music is top notch electro punk, so give it a listen.

Regards, Fox

1st January 2007

Happy New Year.

Regards, Fox

17th November

The Tracks page has been altered for severeal reasons:

  1. The tracks on it are totally copyright of Foxgerhard.
  2. We wanted to include cover art from now on.
  3. These tracks represent a much more cohesive sound.

All of the tracks are still available in the original layout as well here.

Regards, Fox

15th November

I've uploaded two new tracks, enjoy.

Regards, Fox

11th September

I've finally uploaded a new track and more material is in production.

Regards, Fox

24th August

Infest start tomorrow so if you spot us don't forget to say hello. New tracks are still in production but are still not ready to post.

Regards, Fox

5th July 2006

New photo of us on the info page, the other bloke is Gerhard.

Regards, Fox

26th June 2006

Not much to report, my day to day stuff is on the myspace blog. Currently we are working on some logo ideas and new music also I still have to write my bio, though 'real' world issues are quite pressing at the moment so it is slow going. Hopefully we'll have a couple of new tracks up shortly. Till then thanks for your support.

Regards, Fox

8th June 2006

Back in Britian again, ho hum. Started to put up a myspace site http://www.myspace.com/foxgerhard. I'd also like to say a really big thank you to those good souls who made this years WGT one to remember. The next event on my calendar is Infest, so we'll no doubt see some of you there.

Regards, Fox.

5th June 2006

Hello people FoxGerhard are currently hanging out in the Uni bar in Leipzig and we'll be here tomorrow for final night so don't forget to say Hi.

Regards, Fox

25th May 2006

Fox and Gerhard will be in Germany for the 15th Wave Gotik Treffen festival, so if you spot two pale English blokes chilling out, feel free to say hi, because it's always good to meet new people.

Regards, Fox 

In the beginning..........

The website is still under construction... So it'll take a little while to polish it up, but the music is available NOW.

Regards, Fox